*******NEW OPPORTUNITY ******


to get worker-member discount for working 2 hrs/month in the orchard!!!


Share in the creation of this new Shelburne Falls resource.

It began with a modest gesture.
A small group of neighbors
with little knowledge or experience
were inspired to think differently
about food 
and relationships 
and how to help
this place

The Shelburne Falls Community Orchard Project, recently planted using the principles of regenerative design and permaculture, promises to grow into a food forest in years to come.  The project already includes more than 30 fruit trees, 60 native shrubs, numerous berries, and a diverse understory of ever abundant herbs, vegetables, and medicinal and pollinator plants. All are welcome to join in this creation-in-progress by planting, tending, and harvesting. 

We aim to create an edible landscape that can serve as a food resource for all, and also function as a place to gather, learn, connect with the earth, support native plants and animals, build relationships, launch local food products for the local economy, make art-music-theater, and share in the valley’s abundance.  We believe that everyone should be able to access healthy, organic food, and benefit from an ever-deepening field of caring for all in our human and non-human environment.

The Shelburne Falls Community Orchard Project hopes to join those already doing good work for local food resiliency.  We seek to build awareness about injustice in the food system in our country, fair access to land, and rightful ownership. We want to engage with people from as broad an array of backgrounds as possible to overcome challenges and problem solve solutions.

We embrace the dream of a global community in which everyone is cared for, absent of poverty, hunger, and injustice, including plants, insects, birds and creatures.  By lifting the health and spirit of any human or non-human, we believe the power of hope can ripple outwards to break down walls between us and to repair the separation between humans and the natural world to which we belong.