We have now partnered with a fiscal sponsor, “Common Good” in Ashfield, MA.  All grant funding and donations will be held in this community resource, to help build a stronger local economy and to reinvest our money locally until needed by the orchard.   To learn more about how this works, please visit the Common Good website https://commongood.earth

We are currently seeking contributions towards our wish list for the 2023 season which includes:

-Permaculture fruit tree guild plantings for seniors at their homes – $40/each (goal 10 seniors)
-New shrubs and lavender plantings for the orchard – $10 each (goal 25)
-Hoop covers for blueberries – needed $600
-Seeds for plant diversification $5/ea (goal 10)
-Funds for the Welcome structure which will hold our gorgeous Welcome Mandala (donated by artist Emily Gopen) to fill gaps from our Local Cultural Council grant (goal $200)

-Donations of large buckets/ceramic containers for water collection.

Click the button below to donate to the orchard:

 You may also donate by check.

Checks should be made payable to “Common Good” with “for Shelburne Falls Community

Orchard” on the memo line, and mailed to: 

Common Good, PO Box 21, Ashfield, MA 01330.