PLANT SOURCES – Plants have been selected from, and with the help of, the following organic growers and experts:

Fedco Trees & Fedco Seeds, Clinton, ME. (fruit trees, berries, medicinal and herbaceous plants, pollinator support plants, soil ameliorates from Organic Growers’ Supply). Link here.

Alan Surprenant, local orchardist at Brook Farm Orchard in Ashfield, MA. (fruit trees, and help with tree selection and initial grafting). Link here.

The Maine Heritage Orchard – Tree Stewardship Program, Unity, ME. (our heirloom Harman apple tree is one of the few left from those originally found in Buxton, Maine). Link here.

New England Wetland Plants, Inc., South Hadley, MA. (native shrubs). Link here.

Christina Gabriel, Ashfield, MA. (medicinal and herbaceous plants, pollinator support plants)

Wing and a Prayer Nursery, Cummington, MA. (medicinal and herbaceous plants, pollinator support plants). Link here.

Johnny’s Seeds, Winslow, ME. (medicinal and herbaceous plants, pollinator support plants). Link here.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FOR LEARNING, TOOLS AND PLANTING (with additional related links on our “Inspirations” page):

Holistic Orchard by Michael Philips (a book containing technical advice regarding all aspects of orchard health, creation and maintenance, with recipes for organic sprays and suppliers of tools and materials). Link here.

University of Massachusetts Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Laboratory, Amherst, MA. (soil testing resources). Link here.

Martin’s Farm in Greenfield, MA. (compost to optimize pH and nutrients). Link here.

Scythe Supply, Perry, ME. (beautiful tool supplier of European stle scythes). Link here.