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We are located on the land of the Salmon Falls Land Association. 

Snail mail: 12 Wilde Rd, Shelburne Falls, MA. 01370.   


You could help us shape the orchard/food forest as a community asset for the public for years to come.  Orchard guild participants will guide design, assess community needs, prioritize plantings, and lead orchard development to benefit those most in need.

You could help with planting, mulching, pruning, grazing, harvesting, chasing chickens, distributing, writing, blogging, gathering, laughing, making art, or simply being present.

You could participate in spring permaculture guild plantings and educational workshops.

You could suggest the name of someone who could intern to help create a community food forest, to assist with outreach and outdoor work/play.

If you are a local artist or theater professional you could make arrangements to use the orchard as a beautiful venue for both performance and outdoor art exhibits, or have artist friends from afar who might come to our rural hill town to share their work.


Areas of interest (i.e. planting, community building, outreach, arts, website/newsletter, etc)